• 4 pm
    18 mph
  • 7 pm
    19 mph
  • 10 pm
    21 mph

Map for San Nicholas Island - and other locations we have weather forecasts for

United-states / California / San Nicholas Island
Weather near San Nicholas Island: Castle Rock (22.4 mi)  San Clemente Island, San Clemente Island NALF (24.2 mi)  San Clemente Island (29.8 mi)  San Nicholas Island (31.1 mi)  Sutil Island (32.3 mi) 

Highest and lowest observations for United States

Highest temperatures right now
80.6° Brownsville/South Padre Is  (Texas)
78.8° Mcallen Miller International Ai...  (Texas)
78.8° Imperial, Imperial County Airport  (California)
Lowest temperatures right now
-11.2° Arctic Village, Arctic Village A...  (Alaska)
3.2° Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memori...  (Alaska)
3.2° Deadhorse, Alpine Airstrip  (Alaska)
Highest wind speeds right now
32 mph Lovelock Derby Field  (Nevada)
32 mph Golovin, Golovin Airport  (Alaska)
31 mph Desert Rock Airport  (Nevada)
Highest temperatures today
82.4° Hilo International Airport  (Hawaii)
82.4° Kona International Airport  (Hawaii)
80.6° Brownsville/South Padre Is  (Texas)
Lowest temperatures today
-20.2° Marshall Don Hunter Sr Airport  (Alaska)
-11.2° Arctic Village, Arctic Village A...  (Alaska)
-7.6° Point Lay, Point Lay Lrrs Airport  (Alaska)
Highest wind gusts right now
47 mph Desert Rock Airport  (Nevada)
47 mph Bellingham International Airport  (Washington)
46 mph Cedar City Mun Airport  (Utah)
Current observations from weather stations in United States. The reports are not quality checked.