Monday 24 november - YR's forecast

1 am 51° 50° 0 mph vindpil   1027 hPa 45 %
4 am 53° 52° 0 mph vindpil   1026 hPa 41 %
7 am 51° 50° 1 mph vindpil   1027 hPa 38 %

Map for Ohmer (historical) - and other locations we have weather forecasts for

United-states / California / Contra Costa County / Ohmer (historical)

Highest and lowest observations for United States

Highest temperatures right now
80.6° Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood  (Florida)
80.6° Pompano Beach Airpark  (Florida)
79.2° Buckland, Buckland Airport  (Alaska)
Lowest temperatures right now
-20.2° Nuiqsut Airport  (Alaska)
-18.4° Deadhorse Airport  (Alaska)
-18.4° Arctic Village, Arctic Village A...  (Alaska)
Highest wind speeds right now
36 mph Mount Washington  (New Hampshire)
30 mph Harlan, Harlan Municipal Airport  (Iowa)
30 mph Berthoud Pass  (Colorado)
Highest temperatures today
86.0° Kahului Airport  (Hawaii)
84.2° Lahaina / West Maui  (Hawaii)
82.4° Pmrf Barking Sands  (Hawaii)
Lowest temperatures today
-20.2° Nuiqsut Airport  (Alaska)
-18.4° Deadhorse, Alpine Airstrip  (Alaska)
-18.4° Deadhorse Airport  (Alaska)
Highest wind gusts right now
45 mph Mitchell Field  (North Carolina)
41 mph Easton / Newman Field  (Maryland)
41 mph Madison Municipal Airport  (South Dakota)
Current observations from weather stations in United States. The reports are not quality checked.

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