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Map for Ashburn - and other locations we have weather forecasts for

United-states / Virginia / Loudoun County / Ashburn
Weather near Ashburn: Baltimore (29.2 mi)  Washington (7.5 mi)  Arlington (9.9 mi)  Alexandria (13.7 mi)  Columbia (18.6 mi)  Goodacre Knolls (0.6 mi)  Clifton Park Village (0.6 mi)  Highland View (0.6 mi)  New Hampshire Estates (0.6 mi)  Brookside Forest (0.6 mi) 

Highest and lowest observations for United States

Highest temperatures right now
113.0° Imperial, Imperial County Airport  (California)
113.0° Palm Springs, Jacqueline Cochran...  (California)
109.4° Blythe Airport  (California)
Lowest temperatures right now
23.4° Buckland, Buckland Airport  (Alaska)
41.0° Berthoud Pass  (Colorado)
41.0° Point Lay, Point Lay Lrrs Airport  (Alaska)
Highest wind speeds right now
120 mph N. Kingston / Quonset  (Rhode Island)
33 mph Mount Washington  (New Hampshire)
28 mph Barter Island, Barter Island Lrr...  (Alaska)
Highest temperatures today
114.8° Palm Springs, Jacqueline Cochran...  (California)
113.0° Imperial, Imperial County Airport  (California)
113.0° Palm Springs Regional Airport  (California)
Lowest temperatures today
1.4° Key West Naval Air Station  (Florida)
21.9° Buckland, Buckland Airport  (Alaska)
32.0° Eagle Airport  (Alaska)
Highest wind gusts right now
32 mph Lakeview, Lake County Airport  (Oregon)
31 mph Baker Municipal Airport  (Montana)
30 mph Reno/Tahoe International Airport  (Nevada)
Current observations from weather stations in United States. The reports are not quality checked.