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Map for Camp Snoopy - and other locations we have weather forecasts for

United-states / California / Camp Snoopy
Weather near Camp Snoopy: Chula Vista (25.5 mi)  Oceanside (26.1 mi)  Escondido (9.9 mi)  El Cajon (14.3 mi)  Vista (19.9 mi)  Rock Haven (historical) (1.9 mi)  Poway (3.1 mi)  Haleys Trailer Ranch (3.7 mi)  Rancho Bernardo (3.7 mi)  Poway Royal Mobile Estates (4.3 mi) 

Highest and lowest observations for United States

Highest temperatures right now
93.2° Palm Springs Regional Airport  (California)
91.2° Buckland, Buckland Airport  (Alaska)
89.6° Lake Havasu City Airport 
Lowest temperatures right now
32.0° Eagle Airport  (Alaska)
33.8° Leadville Lake Co  (Colorado)
33.8° Berthoud Pass  (Colorado)
Highest wind speeds right now
28 mph Barter Island, Barter Island Lrr...  (Alaska)
26 mph Palmer Municipal Airport  (Alaska)
25 mph Wainwright Airport  (Alaska)
Highest temperatures today
105.8° Mexicali International Airport  (California)
105.8° Glendale, Glendale Municipal Air...  (Arizona)
104.0° Goodyear Municipal  (Arizona)
Lowest temperatures today
1.4° Key West Naval Air Station  (Florida)
32.0° Eagle Airport  (Alaska)
33.8° Leadville Lake Co  (Colorado)
Highest wind gusts right now
36 mph Wasilla, Wasilla Airport  (Alaska)
34 mph Palmer Municipal Airport  (Alaska)
34 mph Wainwright Airport  (Alaska)
Current observations from weather stations in United States. The reports are not quality checked.