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Map for North Hills - and other locations we have weather forecasts for

United-states / California / North Hills
Weather near North Hills: Los Angeles (14.3 mi)  Long Beach (19.3 mi)  Santa Ana (19.3 mi)  Anaheim (12.4 mi)  North Glendale (18.6 mi)  Hacienda Heights (1.9 mi)  Hillgrove (1.9 mi)  Hacienda Heights (1.9 mi)  Whittier (2.5 mi)  Puente Junction (2.5 mi) 

Highest and lowest observations for United States

Highest temperatures right now
87.8° Palm Springs Regional Airport  (California)
86.0° Laredo, Laredo International Air...  (Texas)
84.6° Buckland, Buckland Airport  (Alaska)
Lowest temperatures right now
23.0° Mount Washington  (New Hampshire)
23.0° Berthoud Pass  (Colorado)
24.8° Anaktuvuk Pass, Anaktuvuk Pass A...  (Alaska)
Highest wind speeds right now
48 mph Mount Washington  (New Hampshire)
47 mph Warren County Memorial Airport 
40 mph Buffalo  (South Dakota)
Highest temperatures today
95.0° Red Bluff Municipal Airport  (California)
95.0° Redding Municipal Airport  (California)
93.2° Blythe Airport  (California)
Lowest temperatures today
-0.4° Unalaska, Unalaska Airport  (Alaska)
23.0° Mount Washington  (New Hampshire)
28.4° Yellowstone Lake  (Wyoming)
Highest wind gusts right now
85 mph Warren County Memorial Airport 
63 mph Mount Washington  (New Hampshire)
54 mph Buffalo  (South Dakota)
Current observations from weather stations in United States. The reports are not quality checked.